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Welcome to the world famous home of Siesta Off Road, where our motto is "I'll do it later." By some miracle of modern convenience you got here so you might as well as look around and please keep in mind that everything is always under construction despite how much I hate hearing that. Also beware; this page contains mild language, poor grammar, cheap shots, drunken rambling, and shallow attempts at humor.


11/27/2016: Ocotillo for Turkey day, The Virgin Islands, just uploaded.

10/31/2016: Photos from this weekend to Ocotillo, I'm Starting A Trend. I kinda only took a few, too busy having fun.

10/16/2016: Added pics from the Mojave Road trip, May Be Habit Forming and did a little cleaning up of the 4OD's stats, some stuff in the words section too.

3/13/2016: Last weekends TDS/Truckhaven trip uploaded, Door Popper

"On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." Fight Club
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